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Protecting San Jose businesses, homes, and lives from the ravages of fire is what we do.

Nor-Cal Fire Protection is a premier commercial and residential fire sprinkler contractor providing competitive pricing and the highest quality fire protection system installations, testing and maintenance to our customers in San Jose and beyond for over 30 years. We strive to provide our customers with the highest degree of integrity, excellence, and innovation within the fire protection industry. 

More importantly, we take very seriously our job to protect your properties and the lives within. It’s not just our job, though; it’s our mission.

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Norcal is our number one go-to for commercial sprinkler fire protection. All required inspections are identified and scheduled ensuring the buildings never reach a delinquent condition. Additionally, they advise of upcoming repairs when possible to help with planning and budgeting and perform all repairs at our sites from fire sprinklers to fire pumps. We have never had a condition where we were dissatisfied.

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San Jose Fire Protection System FAQs

Statistics show that property losses in residences are about 85% less in those with fire sprinklers installed compared to those without. 

Average property damage per hotel or motel fire was 56% less in structures with sprinklers than in structures without sprinklers during the years 1989-1998, according to NFPA.

In addition, NFPA has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a completely sprinklered building where the system was properly operating, except in an explosion or flash fire.

There is no reason to believe these statistics would not apply to San Jose as well.

Source: American Fire Sprinkler Association

We expect fire sprinkler systems we install in San Jose to last 40 to 50 years. 

Not quite.

Fire prevention systems in San Jose aim to minimize fire hazards. As an example, this can be through proper storage of combustible materials, as well as care of heating systems and electrical sockets. 

Fire protection systems we install in San Jose, on the other hand, aim to protect the building occupants and minimize fire damage to your building. Its goal is to provide the largest window of time for safe evacuation in the event of a fire.

There are 2 types of fire protection systems: active and passive. Fire alarms and automatic sprinkler systems are active, while how the building is designed and built, as well as materials used, is passive. 

Fire protection doesn’t stop a fire from occurring like fire prevention can. Instead, it’s about reducing personal and property damage.

Fire sprinkler systems should always be installed in accordance with standards set by the National Fire Protection Association using approved materials. To ensure proper design, operation, and safety in your San Jose building, always use a trained and competent licensed fire protection contractor. 

Nor-cal provides these fire protection services in San Jose: design and installation of automatic fire sprinklers, sprinkler inspections and mandatory tests, sprinkler repairs, hydrant and fire pump maintenance. In addition, your building’s fire alarm system should be tested regularly, and emergency lighting should be installed to facilitate evacuation from the building. 

There’s a lot to be considered when deciding what the best fire protection system is for you and it begins with:

  1. Assessing your building’s fire hazards
  2. Understanding the difference in fire suppression systems and which is best for you
  3. Knowing your facility’s requirements 
  4. Knowing the maintenance requirements of each system and what you can reasonably sustain
  5. Planning for possible future expansion and building an expandable system
  6. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis
  7. Reviewing local San Jose regulations and learning what is required

Designing an effective fire protection plan is best left to a pro, specifically a licensed fire protection contractor in San Jose if that’s where you are. Call Norcal Fire Protection. We have the experience and expertise you require to protect you and your building.

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